Our small group ministry is focused on encouraging one another to be faithful to King Jesus and press on in Christ. Every fellowship group consists of food, Bible study, and prayer groups.


Fellowship Groups

We meet for dinner together, followed by bible study and prayer. We have multiple locations through out the Bay Area and various groups to fit whatever life stage you're in.  Contact us if you have any questions or would like to visit one of our fellowship groups.

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family Groups (LSF)

Our family small groups include children and most meet on Fridays. 


LSF West Fremont

Leader: Joe Teng

Meeting Location: near Fremont Blvd. and Thornton Ave

Meeting Time: Fridays, 7pm

Childcare: parent rotation

Welcome to LSF-West Fremont!  We are a group of families with young children who enjoy yummy food and fellowship with each other as we journey together in becoming more like Christ.  Come and see!


LSF West San Jose (WSJ)

Leader: Phuong Devries

Meeting Location: near Bascom & Hamilton Ave

Meeting Time: Fridays, 6:30pm

Childcare: parent rotation

Welcome to LSF-West San Jose! We are a young family group looking to build community with other families in a similar life stage. We know life can be busy sometimes so we love setting aside time to enjoy community and fellowship with one another on a regular basis. In our group, we want to really practice living out our faith by loving one another as Christ has loved us so that the world will know we are his disciples. We hope to grow as Christians and parents through sharing, encouraging, praying, and studying God's word together.  Our meetings start by sharing a meal together. Cooking and babysitting are parent rotation based. If you are looking for a group to grow your faith with today, please come check us out!


LSF Saratoga

Leader: Mia Rong

Meeting Location: on the Border of San Jose, Cupertino & Saratoga near West Gate Mall

Meeting Time: Fridays, 7pm

Childcare: parent rotation

Hello friends!  We are LSF Saratoga.  We're located off of Saratoga Avenue on the border of San Jose, Saratoga and Campbell.  Our group consists of families with younger kids ranging from baby to kindergarten. With all that's going on in our lives--work, kids, life --- it seems like our bodies are always tired, but we meet to replenish our souls by spending time with the Lord in His Word and prayer, and intentionally setting a positive example for our kids so they can also know the Lord.  Cooking and babysitting are parent rotation based. We hope to grow together as one family under Christ.


LSF North Fremont

Leader: Steve Liu

Meeting Location: near Fremont Blvd. and Thornton Ave

Meeting Time: Fridays, 7pm

Childcare: parent rotation

Hi there, welcome to LSF North-Fremont!  We are very excited to have you visit with us.  Our group is made up of 3 families with kids ages 2 to 10.  During our fellowship group time, we enjoy catching up with each other over dinner.  After dinner, we typically do a bible study with one parent rotating to watch the little ones.  We end the night with a small group prayer time and dessert for everyone! We would love to learn more about you and study God's word together!


LSF Central Fremont

Leader: Cynthia Chang

Meeting Location: Central Fremont

Meeting Time: Fridays, 7pm

Childcare: parent rotation

Welcome to LSF Central Fremont! We are a group of young families who meet together to study God's Word and learn from each other as we journey through a similar life stage. We want to build a loving community with other families and point each other towards God through sharing, prayer, and accountability. During our meetings we have dinner together, then Bible Study, followed by prayer & sharing time. Dinner and babysitting are done on a rotation basis. Please contact us if you are interested in checking us out!


LSF Fremont

Leader: Linda Yen

Meeting Location: near Mowry Ave & Paseo Padre Parkway

Meeting Time: Fridays, 7pm

Childcare: none provided

Our fellowship group is made up of 3 families - some working professionals, some stay at home moms, and 9 kids ranging from 3-10 years old.  We enjoy delicious food, great conversation, and true fellowship with one another. We meet at Sam and Kiki's home, where we like to crack jokes and have a good laugh, but also spend time studying the word, sharing, encouraging, and praying with one other.  After a long week, it feels great to gather together and enjoy community. Our meetings start with catching up with one another over dinner and we usually end by 9:30pm.   Our group does not typically provide childcare.  We like the consistency of having all the adults present in bible study.  The kids tend to play well on their own but we welcome the little ones to come and go as needed.  Although our small group consists of families with kids, we welcome anyone who is seeking to grow their faith and to share life with us!


LSF Union City

Leader: Niki Chien

Meeting Location: near Decoto & 11th Street

Meeting Time: Fridays, 6:30pm

Childcare: none provided

Our small group members have high commitment levels & accountability expectations.  We have deep sharing & prayer, true fellowship & life support. We welcome families & non- families who value dedication and fellowship!


LSF Warm Springs Fremont

Leader: Eric Dun

Meeting Location: near Fry’s Electronics & Warm Springs Bart Station

Meeting Time: Fridays, 7pm

Childcare: parent rotation

LSFF Warm Springs. We enjoy a deep laugh and a meal together and spend some quality time in God's word. We consist of young families, with kids ranging from less than a year old to age 8. At LSFF Warm Springs, we are very open, very transparent, and very eager to grow spiritually even with a swarm of kids. Because we believe that kids follow after their parents, it's great to allow kids to develop a sense of community at an early age with parents setting that pattern. If you desire to have solid Biblical foundation, to be a loving parent, to be open and share the joys and sorrows of life, to laugh hard and to cry hard, and to have a group that genuinely cares about you and your family, feel free to stop by! Get to know us; share a meal and an evening with us!


LSF Milpitas

Leaders: Drew Kimball

Meeting Location: LSCC Building - 1144 Cadillac Ct. Milpitas, CA 95035

Meeting Time: Fridays, 7pm

Childcare: parent rotation

Welcome to LSF-Milpitas! We are a bunch of fun-loving families with young kids. Our group loves to eat, drink, travel, and hang-out. In between traveling, eating and the busy silicon valley life, we strive to build community through regular fellowship. We facilitate fellowship over a delicious meal every other week. We seek to encourage each other and grow deeper in our walk's with God. Our group meets twice a month on Friday nights over dinner, bible study, and prayer. The responsibility of cooking and babysitting is divided up between the families. If you are interested in building community and growing your faith through His Word, come check us out!

Fellowship Groups (LSFG)

These groups are ideal for young professionals, singles, newlyweds or couples without kids.  We certainly welcome any families with children but childcare is not provided.  



Leader: Daniel Yun

Meeting Location: near the San Jose Flea Market (Berryessa & Lundy)

Meeting Time: Thursdays, 7:30pm

We meet Thursday nights in south bay and are one of the smaller groups. All are welcome.


LSF Newark

Leader: Daniel Lowe

Meeting Location: near the Dumbarton Bridge

Meeting Time: Thursdays, 7:30pm

Our group is a good mixture of young working professionals in various life stages. No kids but sometimes 2 dogs. Our focus is split between prayer, accountability and bible studies. Sometimes we just go eat and pray.



Leader: Tiffany Weingartner

Meeting Location: LSCC Building - 1144 Cadillac Ct. Milpitas, CA 95035

Meeting Time: Wednesdays, 7:30pm

LSFG Fremont consists of 12 core members in our early to late 30s who are working professionals across the Bay Area. Although our small group is largely married couples, we certainly welcome everyone from all walks of life to visit and fellowship with us. We meet on Wednesday evenings each week where we study the Bible, pray in accountability groups, and share life together. Outside of small group, our members like to hang out and enjoy hobbies together such as working out, rock climbing, riding motorcycles, flipping houses, watching sci-fi, gaming, binging Netflix, and so much more.



Leader: Preston Yee

Meeting Location: near Woodside and Kentfield Ave 

Meeting Time: Thursdays, 7pm

Our group is made up of young families eager to study God's Word and make it applicable to our lives. There are currently six of us (not including a baby and a dog). We enjoy good food, along with genuine and life-giving conversation as we wrestle with what it means to be a Christian in this modern, professional atmosphere. We're open to anyone who's seeking to grow in their faith where ever they are at in their journey.